Mecate Studio



Industrial design2013

Mexico is currently experiencing an unfavorable economic situation. The lack of job opportunities has led Mexican families to look for other means of income. As a consequence of this, the number of street vendors has been steadily increasing. They have appropriated sidewalks, ridges, gardens, parks, and almost any free public space, affecting mobility and the quality of space in Mexico City. To counter this problem, Mecate Studio proposes a Mexican Ambulant Tetracycle (TAM in Spanish). The most important characteristics of TAM are: its size, its nomadic character, its mobility, its feasibility, and its sustainability, making it a truly mobile business operation. Its size allows it to park anywhere a car could. This urban TAM is sustainable and eco-responsible. It is driven by the mechanical force generated by its occupant through pedaling, with the help of new technologies, in this case, solar cells, which generate the electricity needed to meet the specific needs of each shop. On the other hand, it integrates the mechanical force of pedaling and solar cells to make this a sustainable and socially responsible proposal. The optimization of the use of materials without waste and its free interior space, open the spectrum of use, making this a feasible and cost efficient proposal.