Mecate Studio

Pabellon Perdura 2014



As part of the most important materials and construction exhibition in Latin America, the brand Perdura presents its pavilion with the most innovative and sustainable materials. The project manager is the young architecture and design firm Mecate Studio. Concerned by the ultra-technological materials featured in the CIHAC expo, Mecate Studio opted for natural materials. The wood fits with the stone material for a skin that covers the entire exterior of the pavilion. This skin is tricked generating entries that reveal what is inside respecting the guiding axes of the exhibition and separating the pavilion into two volumes joined on its second floor. An expressive skin of horizontal lines generates a feeling of warmth and serenity, which invites the viewer in a seductive way to enter the interior of the pavilion. A pavilion that reflects the avant-garde vision and environmental commitment of the PERDURA brand and the Mecate Studio architecture firm.