Mecate Studio




Honorable Mention in the 2013 Trimo Urban Crash International Competition "Development of Containers to encourage coexistence and use of bicycles in Ljublana, Slovenia” At its core, architecture is possibility. The possibility of modifying the space must be in accordance to its use, in this case that of a self-sufficient Bicycle Base. From this idea, Lujboost is born. It is made up of 3 units placed in a north-south direction, so the way to delimit a space is to separate, give a limit, create the inside from the outside and in that sense endow the inside of a meaning, a symbolic burden for the city that will not only be a product but a visual identity within its context. Lujboost is located on the east side, tucking 3 meters of the bikeway generating a subtle presence in the existing space allowing an adjacent and intuitive access by means of subtle changes in the pavements, this is achieved from continuous routes parallel to the existing circulation. Modular units have the possibility to close and go unnoticed or to open and become a bicycle rental station, an area for recharging bicycles and motorcycles and a parking lot, which will become the focus of life in the area.