Mecate Studio

Distrito Argentina



Contest presented to the GDF as a part of the restructuring plan of the historic center of Mexico City. The goal is to generate cultural alternatives through services that encourage prevention, inclusion, cohesion, and social insertion, as well as contribute to the training and employment of people with diverse arts and crafts, as a possibility for change and community transformation. The aim is to bring about a system of relations of atmospheres, changing and thematic sequences, suitable for the multiplicity of events because social change can only be achieved through the integration of different sectors of society, so the proposal seeks to rescue the street of República de Argentina as a symbol of the city that promotes cultural, artistic and economic development through public activity in the area. The cultural corridor aims to dignify the marginalized art of graffiti as the new muralist movement in Mexico. Graffiti artists develop aesthetic judgments and lifestyles which reflect the identity of their own generation.