Mecate Studio



Industrial design2013

The furniture is created from recycled wood, originally used for industrial pallets from different parts of the world, mainly from Mexico. This line is based on the philosophy of "cradle to cradle", extending the life cycle and use of wood. Different types of wood such as pine, cedar, oak, and walnut are carefully selected for the manual construction of each piece of furniture, therefore every piece is unique and its textures unrepeatable. In addition, each piece of furniture has its own name and identity, such as the PILI table, the YON chair, the LLERA high table, the VERA chair, etc. In this way, the user becomes familiar with each of their furniture and creates a direct relationship between the user and the final product. The bases, made with iron pipes represent an innovative vision of design, thus combining the tradition of the use of wood with the efficiency of metal. By acquiring a piece you not only acquire a functional and inspiring object of the highest quality, you are also creating a link with the environment, by promoting the culture of recycling and as an answer to indiscriminate logging.