Mecate Studio

Casa Limbo



The Limbo house is an appendix to an existing house in an urbanization in San Jerónimo south of Mexico City. The client required an extension to his original house to hold the kitchen, dining room, living room, and an office. This program is condensed in a proposal that presents a new block connected by a bridge, but that works independently. Both the type and the simplicity of the program led us to think of the project as a simple and prismatic object that reflects its typology. In essence, the point was to create a neutral element that did not necessarily have to dialogue with the design of the existing house but did not compete with it either. This simplicity of form also tries to be coherent with a basic and elementary program for a small dwelling. A cube is generated, then drilled according to the program seeking to enhance the views and light input. The architectural solution to this program is a cube of exact dimensions 6.10 m x 6.10 m, and an almost monolithic abstraction. This abstraction is also translated into the construction of the project that aims to reflect simplicity through four materials that make up the entire assembly: Metal, concrete, wood, and glass.