Mecate Studio

Casa Lejona



The Lejona house is an extension to an existing house in a rural development in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. The client required an extension to his original house to hold a large social area, bathrooms, and a visiting room. This program is condensed in a proposal that presents a new block connected in a subtle way to the surrounding construction while functioning independently. Both the type and the simplicity of the program led us to think of the project as a simple and prismatic object that reflects the typology of the project. In essence, a building is created with simple yet forceful elements of the architectural language, five staples that contain all the services, two walls that divide the spaces generating different spatial, atmospheric and luminous qualities and wooden columns that support the hollow-core slab which is perforated to give better light quality. Despite its few square meters, the interior space is enhanced by the double height and its relationship with the exterior garden. This simplicity of form also aims to be coherent with the basic and elementary program for which it was conceived. The serving areas are condensed into large stone staples that provide tectonic force to the building. The materials used in this proposal, stone, wood, and clay are chosen as a result of the deep analysis of the contextual, physical, cultural and historical aspects, implied by building in a place as representative as San Miguel de Allende.