Mecate Studio

Las Ahogadas


Industrial design2013

There are a lot of structures like these throughout Mexico City. The task of Mecate Studio is to rescue one of these disused metal structures to make a new concept of sidewalk food. The challenge was to create a place with a limited budget, which could be easily assembled and in a short time. In addition to covering the space needs that this place of food required. The use of the rustic details of the wood complements in an organic way the use of sober and vivid colors in the premises, where a laudable space is generated to eat in the city. These materials and pure colors transmit a great textile warmth, expressing themselves in a clear and simple way. When open, it creates a pleasant atmosphere inviting for pedestrians. When closed, it is discrete and does not affect the image of the city. Mecate Studio dignifies an element that previously went unnoticed, endowing it with an expression that, due to its design quality, invites people to rethink what this new location is about.