Mecate Studio




A project made for the new Link Center of the Benito Juarez Autonomous University of Oaxaca Contest. When in the architectural design one goes, as a method, to the foundations, creative limits are always touched. The reticular geometry is not only a compositional resource, it combines knowledge with tradition and, above all, a historical solution in the Western culture that, as is well known, coincides for example, with the pre-Hispanic urban design and also with the central patio. Thus, the plaza as the center of life and creation generates links with the streets, patios, and rooms. Spaces that join with each other, maintaining an essential relationship. Towards the sides, on the displayed space, the intentions are marked. The spaces intervene creating an entrance to contiguous spaces. It will then be necessary to delimit the unit. Spaces markedly territorial but meeting functionalities: heights and scales, light from the top, entering and leaving. The displacement combines the volumes and an encounter with the external arises: street and park enter the common territory to be recognized. From the public to the public, marking the route, from the street to the park, from the park to the square and from the square to the building becoming a stroll.